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Seas the Day Bath Oil Pearls

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We're taking a trip back to the 90s. So put on your jelly sandals, apply some body glitter and grab your Razr Cellphone and clear backpack and let's go! We've brought back a popular 90's bath item, but they're so fun and effective, we're hoping to make them popular again! Bath oil pearls! These pretty colored and fun shaped pearls are filled with skin-loving oils that melt in your warm bath. Use them on their own or with a bath bomb for a truly amazing experience! 

Scent: apple, ocean, vanilla and lavender 
Size: Choose between our sample pack (5 pearls) or the full sized pack (15)
Directions: Draw warm bath and drop in 1-3 pearls. Watch as they dissolve and release soothing and moisturizing oils! 

Ingredients: gelatin, glycerin, water, mineral oil, fragrance, pigment