About Us

Sugar Shower Co. sells bath products, skincare items, and cosmetics inspired by your favorite desserts, sugary candy, and other foodie favorites! Sugar Shower Co. also offers high-quality non-foodie items to appeal to all ages!

Several years ago, our founder/CEO April Barkley started selling her homemade products to friends and family and eventually opened an e-commerce shop. After several successful years she partnered with a small sales team to help promote her products and earn commissions! The affiliate program continued to grow as April saw how great it was to be able to give others the opportunity to grow their own businesses through the affiliate program. As of the beginning of 2019 Sugar Shower Co. is proud to be partnered with over 5,000 affiliates and the program gets bigger every day!

Sugar Shower operates in Chicago, IL and is run by a small local team consisting of April, her brother Derek, and a couple of part time assistants. We also never test on animals! Life should never be boring, and that definitely includes bath time! Sugar Shower loves selling fun, creative and unique bath and skincare items that cater to women, children and even men! If a man wants to bathe with a donut soap, nothing should stop him!

Not only do we love bringing magic to your daily skincare routine but our affiliate program was born because we love helping women build their own business, provide for their family, and help them chase their dream. We are here to PROVE that a woman can be independent, financially stable, a provider, a mother, a business owner and rule this freakin' world! Thank you for ordering or for joining. Now let's go make a splash!