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Host a Sweet Party!





Please allow us 4 days to get your party started and code up and running.


Please follow these instructions exactly!


If you have questions, please email BEFORE filling out the info to prevent delays.


1. HOSTESS NAME SECTION: Put the name of the hostess here. If it is a Mystery Hostess Party please put MYSTERY HOSTESS as the hostess name.


2. HOSTESS EMAIL: Email of the hostess or if it is a Mystery Hostess party please use your Sugar Shower email you signed up with and get paid through.


3. SALES REP NAME: Name of the affiliate doing the party


4. SALES REP EMAIL: Email of the affiliate. Please use the one you signed up and get paid through.


5. PARTY START DATE: Please make sure this is 7 days out so we have time to generate the code.


6. PARTY END DATE: Can be up to 2 weeks out from the start date.


7. When the party's over, you will receive an email from Sugar Shower detailing your sales and any rewards! 


Host a sweet party online or in person with Sugar Shower! 


Earn amazing rewards for as little as $50 in sales! (One of the lowest sales totals in the industry! Most are $250 and up before earning a reward level!) 


Once submitted, you'll receive your party details via email within 5 days. PARTY LENGTHS are up to TWO WEEKS.


Each party receives a unique code. This code is entered at checkout, much like a discount code and it gives a small discount to each person ordering (yes, we are just that nice!) but also tracks the sales of the party for the hostess and affiliate. 


Once the party is over, discount codes earned for percentages off will be emailed within 3 weeks of the party closing and tangible rewards earned will be shipped within 45 days of the party's end.


Affiliates receive their 30% commission on party orders. Please have those in the party use your back-office affiliate ordering link AND the hostess party code.


For quicker receipt of your hostess rewards, email us the hostesses full name and party code, stating you are ready to close your party at 


Please do this ASAP when the party's over to receive your sales totals and reward levels. Not doing so will slow your rewards being delivered to you.


Thank you!