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Frozen Lemonade Cloud Slime

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It’s super fluffy and super fun to play with! Frozen lemonade scented slime topped with fake sprinkles. Fluffy like a cloud. Non-edible and not a bath or skin product. 4 Oz jar. 

Slime is made with glue, fake snow and activated using a very diluted borax solution. Slime can be affected by the elements such as weather during shipping. Also, over time, slime can lose its fluffiness or begin to harden. Below are a few tips you can try at home if this happens to you.
Use a bit of lotion or hand sanitizer gel. Just add a couple drops to your slime and work it in. Add more if needed. You can also add a bit of warm water if you don't have lotion or hand sanitizer gel. These methods will work for sticky or hard slime. If you have more questions or concerns, email us at