8 Simple Facebook Posts to Engage and Interact With Your Customers!

Posted by Heather Reamy, Chief Operating Officer on Nov 29th 2018

1.) Ask your customers to upload a picture or review of the product(s) they ordered from you.

2.) Hold a Caption Contest- Get your customers to write the best caption for a photo you choose. You can make it fun, inspiring, funny, thoughtful etc.

3.) Like/Join your customer's business page/group. This will show them you aren't just about your small business, but small businesses in general. It may even gain that little extra respect, like/join to your page, and maybe even a share or two.

4.) Ask your customer's to share their "How-to" tips and tricks for using the products they ordered from you. This will give other's an idea of multiple uses, etc...

5.) Host a "POP" quiz or ask "Did you know?" questions about a specific product or if the company in general. You can also offer a "free" sample, product, gift certificate etc. from your personal stash as a reward if you'd like to make it more fun for them participating.

6.) Conduct a poll- Find out what your customer's like best about the products. For example: the scents, looks, product name's, mask, lotions, soaps etc...

7.) Ask random questions to better het to know your customer's: likes, dislikes, favorite music/color/type of music/ etc...

8.) Make a "Fill in the Blank" post- Ask things like: My favorite place to visit is ____, best holiday memory ____, etc.