Sweet Thoughts

Love is in the Air!

Posted by Heather Reamy, COO on Feb 4th 2019

Love is in the air and Sugar Shower has the perfect Valentine's Day products that can be used as party favors, gifts, or even used for a romantic date! Let's say you want to do a romantic night in wit … read more

How Do I Survive a Sales Slump?

Posted by Shelby Young, Sugar Shower Rep on Jan 31st 2019

We all have times where we are not getting the sales that we would like. It happens to the best of us. The thing to remember is that it will get better. I promise! You just have to find a few ways to … read more

A Few Tips: From One Affiliate to Another

Posted by Casey Boyd, Sugar Shower Rep on Jan 21st 2019

Here you are, brand new to the DS business, and you just so happened to take your chances on Sugar Shower, now what?You don't want to be like every other affiliate out there, you want to stand out. Yo … read more

8 Simple Facebook Posts to Engage and Interact With Your Customers!

Posted by Heather Reamy, Chief Operating Officer on Nov 29th 2018

1.) Ask your customers to upload a picture or review of the product(s) they ordered from you. 2.) Hold a Caption Contest- Get your customers to write the best caption for a photo you choose. You can m … read more

How Sugar Sugar Shower Company Has Been a Life Changer For Me

Posted by Heather Reamy, Chief Operating Officer on Nov 3rd 2018

This is a personal article and reflection of how Sugar Shower Co has been a life changing experience for me and why im greatful to be apart of this amazing company! See a little over a year ago I wa … read more