A Few Tips: From One Affiliate to Another

Posted by Casey Boyd, Sugar Shower Rep on Jan 21st 2019

Here you are, brand new to the DS business, and you just so happened to take your chances on Sugar

Shower, now what?

You don't want to be like every other affiliate out there, you want to stand out. You want to be unique.

First things first, I found the best way to start is to create a VIP group and/or page on Facebook. Social media will be your platform. Start inviting your friends and family. In the beginning, being a small group is key. That way you can really interact with everyone individually. Personal relationships really help build trust. You need to let your customers know your a friend and not just someone trying to sell them something.

After getting a solid foundation, that's when your business starts to expand.

Personally, when I got to this point, things began to take off. I started posting lots of interactive posts, and I got the great idea from a friend to start doing giveaways. The best kind of giveaways are ones that can be shared publicly, such as having people tag their friends and family or even inviting them to your group/page. It's best to keep contests and giveaways at 2 weeks or less, because of course, everyone will be anxious to try to win some free product and you don't wanna loose interest.

I know your probably thinking, "wait, I'm giving away free stuff, how am I supposed to earn any money?" Well ladies and gentlemen, that's just it. People are way more bound to want to buy something if they have a chance to try it first. I've found great success in this. And if you cant afford to give away full size products, samples will be your best friend. You can buy bulk containers online for very cheap. Even just a tiny investment will do wonders for your business.

Another great tip that I mentioned a little bit above, is personal relationships. Reach out to your customers, get to know their likes and dislikes, become friends on Facebook. Ask them if they mind if you can place a small post on their page, with your group link and a few small sugar shower graphics. You need to get your name out there. Advertising is essential. I find putting graphics with your posts really draws in the attention, and making your own graphics, really creates that unique vibe. (If you aren't good at making graphics, we have an amazing group of affiliates that love to make graphics and wouldn't mind helping you)

And last, but certainly not least, stay active. Post regularly. And when I say regularly, I mean every single day. Keep your customers wanting more. I have done a few posts showing the direct results of using sugar shower products. For example, I did a "before and after" picture of my hair using the boy bait hair masque. This really showed how beneficial the product is, and that it actually works. My customers were really impressed.

I've also gone live a few times, mostly to announce winners to my giveaways, but you can also do unboxing and hauls of your products live, games live, and so much more. The possibilities are endless and people really seem to love it because they actually get to see the real you and your personality and not just pictures and posts.
Fortunately for us, Sugar Shower practically sell itself, we just need to put in the footwork. You end up making some extra cash and new friends along the way. Patience is a virtue. Success doesn't happen over night so don't give up! 

You got this sugar babes.