How Do I Survive a Sales Slump?

Posted by Shelby Young, Sugar Shower Rep on Jan 31st 2019

We all have times where we are not getting the sales that we would like. It happens to the best of us. The thing to remember is that it will get better. I promise! You just have to find a few ways to spice up what you're doing.

What are a few ways to do that you ask? Here are some examples of things I have done. I am no expert! Not by any means.

Find some new sales groups to post in. Search for sales groups near you. Join them! Remember to post a BROKEN link and your code. I personally post in several groups at least once a week, or more if I’m not busy. Post! Post! Post! Get your name out there! Ask friends and family to help you spread the word. Make a post for a give away asking everyone to LIKE & SHARE! Have a business page and a group on Facebook. On your page you can post lots of our deals and sales. Post those on your group too, but in your group it’s easier to run your sample club and do fun giveaways.

Have a giveaway on your page or group!

It doesn’t have to be a super big expensive prize. Give an extra big sample. Or take advantage of our awesome sales when you can and get the buy one get one free items and give those away. Offer a Sample of the Month club if you are not already. Get that product into people’s hand! Give a cute sample pack to friends and neighbors. Ask customers if there is something they want to try. Post a poll to find out who would like what kind of sample and try to accommodate them. They are more likely to purchase something they want to try and like.

Have a PARTY! Ask everyone, and I mean everyone, to have a party for you. Family, neighbors, your hairdresser...everyone! For every ten people you ask only three will says yes. Ask! Ask! Ask! You asked and got all no's...try a mystery party! Make your spouse or significant other the hostess and for everyone that orders they get a chance to get all of the hostess rewards. Ladies like free stuff!

And lastly, order something for you girl!! You deserve something to make you feel and look good. Grab a bath bomb or shower steamer and have a hot bath. Tomorrow is another day. Besides, you need to try the products so you can answer questions and help your customers.

So, girl, take a deep breath and relax you will find the thing that works for you! BREATH! RELAX!