How Sugar Sugar Shower Company Has Been a Life Changer For Me

Posted by Heather Reamy, Chief Operating Officer on Nov 3rd 2018

This is a personal article and reflection of how Sugar Shower Co has been a life changing experience for me and why im greatful to be apart of this amazing company!

See a little over a year ago I was introduced to a small company who only offered postitions known as "Brand Ambassador's". I thought wow the owner of this company is absolutely crafty and skilled and her work is super adorable! So I decided to do a little more research and loved everything about what I had learned about this company and this women I didn't know what so ever!

I decided to embark on the brand ambassador journey and made some great friends right from the start and soon my first package arived in the mail for me to test and review! How exciting right?! It definitely was and as im trying these cute products this woman has made, im in total shell shock at how amazing they really are!

Over a few month's of trying these products, making friends from all over the U.S. and showing other people these cute, adorable, homemade, affordable products, the owner did something I never expected! She converted her brand ambassador company into a small direct sales company! Complete different from any other direct sales company I had ever seen or heard of might I add... so without hesitation, I joined and was "BLOWN" away by the results!

Women I had never talked to, never met, never even heard of started reaching out to me about these "Super Cute" product's. They wanted more information, to make a purchase, to join my team! Heck yeah sister let's do this, was always my imaginative reaponse! Then later I learned, the excitment was fun and customer's loved it! Anywho lets not get off track here! 

So now im an affiliate for this amazing company, making sales, building my team, making friends but most importantly im building my self confidence, my social skills, and making an income all at the same time! (WOW)

You see before using these product's or working for Sugar Shower Co, I was a stay at home mom with nothing to do besides house chores all day everyday and I was bored, lonely, and felt like I had lost my sanity a few times over. But in reality I just needed to find my spot in the direct sales world and I, I had found that with Sugar Shower Co! I had friends, I had a purpose other then house chores and raising my little loves, I had confidence I hadn't had in a very long time. The product's helped me feel sexy, creative, unique, and radiant! My skin was soft, smelt delicious, and the face mask did an incredible job for "my acne".

I had customer's who also had great results, loved the product's as much as I do and became loyal custimer's or team members. We became a family in one way or another and I cherish every moment of it! Who knew a WOMAN with such talent, skill, craftyness, and imagination would bring me so close to so many other's by her "AMAZING" company and product's? I sure didnt expect it and even though sales are sometimes slow, I still have those amazing friendships, those amazing new family members and those amazing products to be thankful for!

So you see at the end of the day, its not just about getting a sale for me, but its about meeting new people, making new friends/family members, being a part of something amazing and having product's I know are perfect for me in my life! For this I will forever be thankful for the owner of Sugar Shower and for the opportunities she has brought me!