Sweet Thoughts

☆☆ ABC's Of Sugar Shower ☆☆ - Part 1

Posted by Heather Reamy, Chief Operating Officer on Jul 23rd 2018

A- Ask your customers which product(s) they are most interested in or is their favorite and why! B- Believe in yourself! When you believe in yourself, it shows! It creates a positive impact on how you … read more

Keeping Your Downlines/Teams Motivated

Posted by Heather Reamy, Chief Operating Officer on Jun 21st 2018

If you have started building your team with Sugar Shower, then you have probably thought of some idea's on how to keep your team motivated! In this article I will include some helpful ways to motivate … read more


Apr 2nd 2018

Profile Makeover!

Posted by Miranda Kemp-Graphics Manager on Apr 2nd 2018

Is your profile locked down and unapproachable? I have noticed people say no one sees their posts, no one interacts, no one places orders.Ask yourself...Are Your Posts Public (viewable to all)?Do … read more

Sales, Sales, Sales

Posted by Jessica Yeates on Mar 21st 2018

I am Jessica Yeates. I have been with Sugar Shower Co since August 2017 and I am here to talk to you all about sales. I will give you some key pointers that will help you with getting your first s … read more